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The Five Clues
Nutrition Detectives










Nutrition Detectives®
"Teaching Kids to Make Healthy Choices"

Nutrition Detective™ is an innovative program for elementary school children. It shows them "5 clues" to read food labels and detect marketing deceptions while learning to identify and choose healthful foods. The program is novel, engaging, and efficient, imparting crucial information in minimal time. It can be presented using either a DVD video presentation (with Dr. Katz teaching students in a "magical" classroom setting), or as a PowerPoint slide show. The presentation is followed by a hands-on activity in which children apply their "detective" skills with real food packages.

We hope that you enjoy the Nutrition Detectives™ program. Please credit Drs. David and Catherine Katz when using it.

Nutrition Detectives™ is available FREE OF CHARGE!*

*Most of the materials can be downloaded from this website; see below to order the entire program on DVD.

Video presentation (DVD only)
PowerPoint slide show
Teacher's manual / DVD supplement manual
Student handouts
Family education materials
Promotional materials (templates)
Evaluation materials (food label quiz)

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Preview the DVD Video Presentation! 

To preview each chapter, click on the thumbnails below. 

Intro Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Intro Chapter 2
Supermarket Spy Kids
Chapter 3
The 5 Nutrition Clues
Chapter 4
Our Nutrition Safari
Chapter 5
Playing with our Food

DVD Support Team
Toll-free for U.S. & Canada: 1.877.208.1290
Customer support at Support@DavidKatzTools.com.

The Nutrition Detectives™ video is available in part through an unrestricted educational grant from: