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Our Program and Research Agenda:

A flood of factors in our daily lives contribute to the development of obesity. Like stacking sandbags in a levee to stop the flow of water, Turn the Tide Foundation creates programs to help stop the ravages of obesity.

We believe there is no one simple answer or fix – what will work to reverse this growing trend of obesity is a range of programs designed to be used in a variety of settings – schools, worksites, homes, doctor’s offices and more. Programs that are creative, yet simple to use, and programs that are available free of charge, so everyone can use them.

Programs currently available include:

ABC for Fitness© (Activity Bursts in the Classroom) program shows schools how to restructure physical activity into multiple, brief episodes of activity into classrooms throughout the day without taking away valuable time for classroom instruction.

A-B-E for Fitness (Activity Bursts Everywhere) offers a free video library of 3-8 minute activity bursts designed to help you move and exercise everywhere, everyday! The videos are organized by setting (office, home, waiting area) and the body region targeted, i.e. upper body, lower body.

The National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance (NEWLR) is a web platform where people who are resistant to weight loss can exchange their experiences, tips, find support, and the latest and most reliable information about weight loss resistance. NEWLR offer a blog, a forum and a "Your Story" page. NEWLR is also a registry. The aim of the registry is to gather as much information as possible from individuals who experience weight loss resistance to better understand this condition. www.newlr.com

Nutrition Detectives® "Teaching Kids to Make Healthy Choices" is an exciting nutrition education program for elementary school children that teaches kids to make healthy choices.

Nutrition Quality Labeling - The ONQI™ scoring system allows consumers to compare the nutritional quality of foods by giving each food a "nutrition quality score" that helps consumers see - at a glance - the nutritional value of the food they buy. The ONQI is the foundation for the NuVal food scoring system now available in grocery stores around the country. For more information: www.nuval.com

OWCH houses a state-of-the-art self-study program for clinicians in obesity/lifestyle counseling..

Promising Health Interventions Inventoried by a Network of Diverse Experts for Regional Application (PHINDER). In collaboration with the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Turn the Tide is pleased to make PHINDER, an online searchable database providing a clearinghouse of promising and best practice programs for health promotion/disease prevention in various settings, available to you.

True Health Initiative: Imagine a global voice devoted to -- and only to -- disseminating and applying what we know for sure about health promotion and disease prevention so authoritative, that everyone stops to listen!  That is the True Health Initiative.  Learn more and to sign up to join our movement at www.truehealthinitiative.org

Unjunk Yourself - our new program for tweens and teens - where health, empowerment, and righteous indignation make beautiful music together!

Other Program of Interest:

Cuisinicity: Find the right balance between nutritious and delicious at www.cuisinicity.com! Cuisinicity, created by Catherine Katz, PhD, is where good food and good health come together in a way that is actually feasible for today’s busy families. It is about the simplicity of wholesome pleasure, and the authenticity of true food from wholesome ingredients. And it’s about love - love of good food, and good health – and loving food that loves us back. Catherine applies her scientific acumen to the systematic reconciliation of great cuisine and great nutritional quality, recipe by recipe - and invites you to join her at the Cuisinicity table. Bon Appétit!

FoodFight’s Mission: FoodFight is a New York City based nonprofit that offers innovative nutrition education curriculum for high school students and teachers emphasizing critical concepts of food politics, media literacy and nutrition. FoodFight’s goal is to revolutionize the way students and educators think about food and its role in their lives. www.foodfight.org

My City Kitchen: My City Kitchen’s mission is to instill healthy eating habits, build self-esteem, foster a sense of belonging, establish basic life skills in our children so that they may grow into healthy adults. To teach kids about food, and food products. We hope to encourage kids to take a keen interest in what they eat, where the food comes from, and especially how to prepare it. www.mycitykitchen.org

The Good To Go Gang – Wellness Campaign: The GOOD TO GO GANG ANIMATION HOUSE, non-profit, provides an animated exercise program totaling 150 minutes absolutely free to children across the nation though its National Health and Wellness Campaign. Their Wellness Campaign provides a fun yet educational means of exercising through the use of its animated GOOD TO GO GANG characters. The goal of the GOOD TO GO GANG is to battle childhood obesity by instilling nutritional values and incorporating exercise at an early age so that our children live long and healthy lives. Additionally information can be found at http://signup.goodtogogang.org